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Iphone Accessories

4 Best Accessories for Iphone
The Glif: Minimalist iPhone Stand & Tripod Mount
An elegantly-engineered, infinitely flexible, tiny little marvel

Fourscore and 5 years ago, the iPhone was brought forth upon the world. Yet iPhoneography remains the redheaded stepchild of the photo world.
Bah. You know what the best "real-legitimate-photographer" camera is? The one you've got with you. Know what makes it even better? A Glif!
The Glif is a stand for your iPhone 4/4S/5 (horizontal and vertical!) with a tripod mount that connects your iPhone to any tripod.
Use it on a tripod to film epic movies sans camera-shake, stand it vertically and take beautifully crisp and clear night shots, or stand it horizontally to watch movies on your in-flight table.
For those of you who are a little more adventurous with your iPhoneography, welcome the new Glif+! It has a "serif" piece that holds your iPhone extra securely on your tripod by clamping it to The Glif. That means you can shoot from your bike or dangle your iPhone from high places without a worry.

The Glif+ also comes with a "ligature" piece that lets you carry your Glif on a keychain and packaging that doubles as a tripod!
With this simple and elegantly designed little guy holding your iPhone camera steady, your pix can make the switch from shiznit to legit. It's about time.

The Crankerator
Power for your camera phone, a little exercise for your arms

Nature. It's beautiful. It's majestic, but you know what it doesn't have? Power outlets. Which is a problem if your camera phone is dying.
Well, you'll never have to fear Mother Nature's outletlessness again, thanks to the Crankerator!
A fully charged Crankerator will fully charge most smart phones, so you can take twice the photos! It includes a micro USB cable so you can charge it up, via your computer or wall socket, before you hit the road.
You can rest easy knowing your phone's got backup power. Take that extra-long hike, play with your flash, shoot a movie -- do whatever you need. Thanks to the Crankerator, you'll never miss a crucial photo opp.
So what if you can't plug your phone into a tree? As long as you've got working arms, you're good!
  • Charge your camera phone anytime, anywhere
  • It packs a 2000 mAH lithium battery and emergency generator
  • Stores energy through crank-poweror plugging into the wall
  • Charges any device that'll charge via USB cable (phones, toy cameras, flip cams)
  • Fully charged Crankerator can fully charge a phone
  • A pocket-sized 1 x 2.2 x 5 inches
  • a.k.a. Boost Turbine 2000

The iFlash: A USB Drive for Your Phone 
Give your iPhone or iPad super fast photo moving powers, no cables! No syncing!

A true super hero is always in the right place at the right time. Burning house? There.
Bank heist? Stoppin' it. The iFlash Drive is our new hero.
iFlash Drive is a thumb drive that plugs both into USB drives and iPhones, 
iPads and iPods!
It'll move photos off your iPhone and onto your laptop, without having to plug into 
the computer to sync. Drag and drop to move pix from your friend's iPad onto your
iPod - then back again, on the fly.
Much like a super hero, the iFlash drive moves your files at super speeds. Plus, it 
can carry giant sized files,no sweat. We're talking 8 to 16 gigabytes.
Fill it up with photos, music, video, text docs, even your entire contacts list.
Use it as a storage space where your files live, so they're always at the right place, at the 
right time. Simply plug it into your phone to see your files and select the ones you want to 
move. What other thumb drive can do that?
With iFlash Drive's free app, you can view photos and videos directly from the drive.
That means you can show off your entire photo portfolio or cinematic masterworks without 
taking up valuable space on your phone, pad or pod.
The iFlash Drive is versatile, useful, always willing to lend a gig and just all-around super ... 
Our Hero!
  • Works great with...
Move files quickly without syncing
Works with all iThings! iPad, iPod, iPhone.
Store up to 8GB (30-pin connector) or 16GB (lightning connector),
that's 1000's of photos!
View files directly from the drive without transferring them onto your phone
Carry and show off your portfolio anywhere

Clear up space on your phone/pad/pod while you're out and about(no pc needed)
Electree Solar charging Bonsai
  • green design, eco design, sustainable design, Electree, Solar Charging station, Solar power, solar bonsai, Viven Muller, Mister Ecologie and One Development & Consulting

    We’ve reported on Vivien Muller’s beautifully designed Electree before, but now her 
    spectacular design is finally available for pre-order! The bonsai tree fits on any side table, 
    and also doubles as a solar charger for your devices. The tree, fitted with 27 solar panel 
    “leaves,” will be available for around $400 USD.

    green design, eco design, sustainable design, Electree, Solar Charging station, Solar power, solar bonsai, Viven Muller, Mister Ecologie and One Development & Consulting
    Muller has spent the last three years perfecting Electree’s eye-catching design
    The bonsai tree’s base has been altered from its initial concept of silver, and is now 
    clad in smooth white, resembling a porcelain sculpture. From the branches, the 27 
    violet high quality amorphous silicon solar panels sprout like leaves.  The tree rests 
    on a flat tray, which holds the devices while they charge.
    The Electree’s branches can be manipulated into different shapes
    rotating to fit a shallow window sill or a tight corner. The charging station is not only
    aesthetically pleasing, but also beautifully illustrates nature’s process of photosynthesis.
    The solar bonsai, like a real tree, converts the sun’s rays into energy – only this time 
    passed onto you and your devices!
    Customers can pre-order the unique charging station from Mister Ecologie and 
    One Development & Consulting. If 400 Electrees are pre-ordered before 
    October 15th, production will allow buyers to receive their pieces just in time for the 
    winter holidays!

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