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How to Root any Android Device

Hey Folks today we are going to discuss about a very easy but important topic "How to root any android device". Majority of Peoples thinks its very difficult to root android device but its very easy .The important things to be careful while rooting your device its recommended to root your device properly otherwise your device will be nothing more than a brick and it also void your manufacturing warranty. So there will be some questions in your mind what is rooting, what is the benefit of rooting, what about my device warranty. But don't worry i will cover all your queries in this article.

So let's Start from What is Rooting?

 Rooting your android device provides you root access of your device from which you can get over all the restrictions of you device which your device manufacturer applied.You can increase device speed performance, customize your device more easily and many more.If we say in technical terms Rooting involves taking back up of your current software and after that Flashing/installing a new Custom ROM (modified version of Android).

Why you Should root your device?

There are many Apps that requires a rooted device to work and Flashed custom ROMs, you can install those apps which will add extra features to your device i.e. To use two WhatsApp account on single android device you device must be rooted.Not only these many Launcher Apps require rooted device so you can also use that Launcher Apps to give a more Customize Look to you device and Also you can manually accept and deny any app permissions.   To create your device a wireless hotspot, block advertisements,back all applications, creating secure tunnels to internet and to overclock you processor.To to these all things you device must be rooted. 

How to Root your Android device?

So guys lets start i am gonna use Unlock-Root Tool to root android device i have selected this tool because you can root almost all device from this tool.This is a step by step tutorial to Root you android device. Important thing:-Before starting this procedure get your device USB cable and enable USB debugging in your device by navigating Settings >> Applications >> Development >> USB Debugging.

Root Your Device From Unlock-Root:-

1.)First and foremost Download Unlock-root Software(Download link). There will 3 variants, download the free one.

2.)After downloading it.Install the e unlock-root tool in your Computer.

3.)Run the executable(.exe) File.

4.)Now download and install your device drivers on your Computer.

5.)Connect your android device to the computer using USB cable.

6.)Now run the Unlock-root Software and click on the "root" button.

7.)Now you will be seeing List of all supported device. 
8.)Select your android device from the list displayed.

9.)Now start the rooting of your device and it will take some time so keep patience.
10.)When your device is rooted you will receive a confirmation message.
11.)Now Remove the USB cable to disconnect it from Computer. 
12.)Just simply reboot your device and you are done (it will take couple of minutes to be restarted)

That's it guys you have successfully rooted you android device.You can root any device listed in unlock-root list with the same procedure.

Now when you start your device first time after being rooted you will see an app named as "Superuser"(see above screen Shot). This app is used to manage root access to various root applications which you can download from Play store.
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