Wednesday, 18 September 2013

How to make your Computer Faster

Is your Computer Running Slow?But i bet after reaching till the end of this articles it won't take anymore.Here We Will, discuss How to Speed up your Computer Faster.Computer Speed decreases due to many reason we will discuss the main reasons one by one.


When we Start our Computer our Operating System (often Called OS) start booting and while OS booting some software's also get started when the PC get ready to use.We can increase Boot time by Disabling some software's which get Started while Booting Process.

How to do this:-
Press Start->Run or simply Press Windows Key+R then Type "msconfig" (without Qoutes ") and press enter.
Now there will be System Configuration Dialog Box opened.Go to Start-up Tab (4th tab). Here you will be seeing the list of software's which start while get's boot or simply called Start-up items.These are all the Programs that automatically start when you boot our system.It is these that slow down the boot up process.
So from this you can uncheck all unwanted items like MS-office,messenger and other utilites that you don't need at the time of starting up of your System.Don't Uncheck the antivirus and Drivers Software.
After that just click on OK and Restart your System and fell the change

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