Monday, 2 September 2013

Play videos on Word Document

Inserting the Movie

  1. Open Windows Media Player and call up a movie that you intend to place into a document via Microsoft Word 2003 or a more recent edition.
  2. Open the Word document and click in the space of your document where you’ll be inserting the movie.
  3. Go up to the menu at the top and select "Insert." Click on "Object" as the item you want to insert. Select “Create From File.”
  4. Choose the movie you’ll be inserting from the "Browse" box.
  5. Cut and paste it as a link in your file by selecting “Link to File.”
  6. Make your movie playable as a clickable icon in the document by selecting the “Display as Icon” option.
  7. Check to make sure the icon works by double-clicking it and waiting for the movie to play.
  8. Option to Insert a Movie
  9. Open Clip Organizer on your computer to organize all your media clips. Move your movie from Windows Media Player over to Clip Organizer.
  10. Click on the space in your Word document where you want to insert a movie.
  11. Select "Insert" at the top menu and choose “Picture."
  12. Watch for “Clip Art” next and click on there. Choose “Insert Clip Art” as the next option. Look for the “Organize Clips” option last and select that.
  13. Test out the movie icon again that will appear in your Word document to make sure the movie plays properly.

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