Saturday, 31 August 2013

Create awesome pictures and word pics using Image Chef

This feature from Image Chef lets us create a image or symbol with beautiful bunch of words.
This is one of the word feature of Image Chef. It has a new cool feature called word Mosaic that lets us create beautiful word clouds. You can even customize the symbol you want to use in your word cloud. The users also have option to edit the background and font colour. If you don’t like the font means, you have a set of predefined fonts, you can choose your desired font from them.
You can save the image and upload to your Orkut, Facebook photo albums to show off or you have the option to directly upload the photo to many social networking sites like MySpace, Orkut, Hi5, Friendster, Tagged and you can also upload it to your blog [Blogger]. You can also copy the embedded code and paste it in forums, comment box, etc or get the separate URL of the image. The users have the option to resize their images from small, medium and full size. Most of the users prefer full size. You can also share this on Facebook or add to your profile. Write a comment or poem in the shape of hearts or other symbol.

word mosaic feature is that which lets you build different type of images in different shapes. for example

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