Saturday, 26 October 2013

How to install MAC OS X(any version) in your PC

  1. Go to BIOS(by pressing f2 or f12 at booting for windows 7,but for windows 8 in some pc's shutdown it by pressing Shift+Shutdown then press f10 at booting don't change anything more) and System Configuration->Hardware Virtualization->enable it.
  2. Now download VMware player(for beginnners) or VMware Workstation(for advanced users) both are free to try.
  3. Install VMware Player or Workstation.
  4. Download MAC OS X(better go for 10.8.3 or 10.9 retail).
  5. Then unzip contents using WinRAR.
  6. Then go to unzipped folder->Hardware Virtualization->Run vmware-vmx-patch.exe as administrator(by rightclick and select run as administrator).
  7. Then go to MAC OS X Guest(in the unzipped folder)->VMware series->VMware Unlocker-Windows.
  8. Then run install.cmd as administrator.
  9. Now go to "OS X Version" in the unzipped folder and open MAC OS X Version.vmx
  10. Now it opens a new Window in which MAC is to be installed.
  11. Change settings like ram,cores as you wish(depending on your specs).
  12. Now run the virtual machine.
  13. Wait for some time then set country,language,time etc.
  14. Its time to use your MAC.

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